Why Hire a Professional Editor?

Everyone needs an editor — including professional editors! None of us can see all of our errors or know how another person will read or understand our work. Whether the content is published on a website, a business flier, or in a book, all such writing needs an objective, honest, and professional review.

Professional editing elevates your writing to the best version of yourself while preserving your voice and your style.

Professional Editors Do More Than Correct Errors

Professional editing is about far more than merely correcting sentence structure, grammar, and punctuation. Professional editing addresses:

  • focus and thinking
  • development
  • cohesion
  • consistent tone
  • logical organization
  • smooth transitions
  • target-audience needs

Professional editing makes sure every element, every sentence, and every word directly contributes to the overall work. Any piece that is ineffective or fails to directly contribute or move the work forward is either changed or deleted.

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Professional Editors Provide the Highest Level of Objectivity

Writers may be tempted to have family, friends, or colleagues edit their work for them, but people who know you are unlikely to be completely objective because:

  • they already know what you mean
  • they already know the topic or storyline
  • they don’t want to hurt your feelings
  • they are unlikely to have the expertise or experience of a professional editor

Professional Editing Saves You Time and Money

High-quality, professional editing is exactly that, a professional service, and it does require an investment in your project. However, that investment will pay off because:

  • you don’t spend hours going over your material
  • you can do something else while your editor polishes your work
  • you reduce the frustration and fatigue that comes with re-reading your work too many times
  • your work looks and sounds better, which translates into better sales
  • better sales mean you can move on to other projects that generate more income
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Professionally Edited Books Have Better Reviews and Sales

Readers may not know why one book is more compelling than another, or why one is a page-turner that keeps them engaged, but they recognize that some books are more enjoyable than others. Professionally edited books:

  • tell stories more concisely (even if the story is long)
  • convey clearer, more concise information (for business or self-help books)
  • generate better reviews
  • result in more sales

Authors of best-selling and most effective books use professional editors, especially if they self-publish.

Professional Editing Helps Improve Your Writing

After a professional editor edits your work, you will see your writing from a fresh point of view and you will learn more effective ways to craft your ideas and sentences. No matter how much you write, how many books you publish, or how much success you achieve, improving as a writer is a life-long pursuit.

We would love to help you in that journey helping you to make every word count!

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