What Does A Writing Coach Do?

A writing coach guides you through your writing process, helping you generate, refine, organize, and develop your ideas. Working with a writing coach will also help you improve your writing.  

If you have an idea or experience and a passion for that idea or experience, then you can write a book!

Successful writers do not work in isolation but depend upon the expertise and feedback of writing coaches and editors to help them refine their work. 

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A woman sitting at a desk writing on paper.

My Coaching Process Will:

  • Review your writing and project needs 
  • Create a customized plan for your project
  • Provide timely feedback on your writing strengths and weaknesses
  • Maintain your voice while meeting publishing expectations
  • Help you accomplish your project goals 
  • Help you become a better writer

Overview of the Process:

  • 1 Whether you have only beginning ideas or perhaps a partial draft, I can step in at any point to coach your process.
  • 2 We will discuss your needs and determine what level and style of coaching will work best for you.
  • 3 We will communicate regularly at agreed upon intervals to maintain your progress.
  • 4 I will provide specific, written feedback, which may include developmental editing.
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I offer several rate options, including per-word rates, flat rates, and retainer services. You may opt for a combination package of retainer coaching and per-word editing. 

As projects and needs vary dramatically, please contact me for a customized quote.